Ninh Binh combines tourism activities with traditional arts

Tourism activities associated with traditional arts has brought various benefits. The combination has not only helped preserve and introduce traditional cultural identities but also diversify tourism products, thereby keeping tourists to stay longer in Ninh Binh province.
Ninh Binh combines tourism activities with traditional arts

Xam singing is performed in Hoa Lu old quarter.

Waking up folk games

Though Hoa Lu old quarter has been launched recently, it has attracted more and more visitors thanks to its constantly renewed activities and services. 

When visiting the Hoa Lu old quarter, visitors will have a chance to see traditional handicraft products from Ninh Van stone carving village, Bo Bat ceramics, and embroidery products of Van Lam village. 

In addition, they will be enabled to enjoy special art performance programmes, which are considered "magnets" to attract visitors to Ninh Binh in the recent time.

Le Thanh Hoa, a visitor from the neighbouring province of Nam Dinh, said: "This is the first time I has watched a water puppet show, not on television. It is a fresh experience for me and my children."

Other traditional folk games are also re-enacted at the old quarter.

The appearance of cultural events and traditional arts has helped Ninh Binh to promote its unique tourism and revive local traditional arts.

Recently, within the framework of the open Xam singing festival 2022, many Xam singing performances have been introduced to visitors at the Hoa Lu old quarter. 

Combination of tourism and traditional arts

The introduction of traditional folk arts at tourist destinations is seen as an effective way to attract visitors.

According to the Hoa Lu old quarter management board, it welcomes 2,000-3,000 visitors on average a day, and around 5,000 at weekends when art performance programmes are held.

This proves that visitors all have their own passion for Vietnamese traditional arts in general and those of Ninh Binh in particular.

This trend is in line with the goal of developing tourism products and services in association with historical and cultural values which is defined clearly in Resolution No.07/NQ-TU of the Ninh Binh Provincial Party Committee on developing tourism in the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2045.

It has defined that "Giving priority to studying cultural tourism products in association with heritage and traditional cultural values of Ninh Binh's land and people; Actively exploitation of cheo and xam singing, water puppet, and gong culture in serving tourists."

To keep traditional arts alive

In the past few years, the provincial Department of Culture and Sports has constantly cooperates with local departments, sectors, localities and firms to organise numerous traditional art programmes to serve local people at festivals, ceremonies and events. In particular, it also works with the management boards of local tourist destinations to put traditional arts in their activities, namely Ninh Binh Tourism Week, Hoa Lu Festival and Trang An Festival.

Besides, local sectors and localities must step up the communication and popularistion of traditional arts, and mobise all resources to restore and develop traditional arts.

Authorities of localities must pay due attention to teaching young generations of local traditional arts, and work with the management board of tourist destinations to held art programmes constantly.

Art programmes must be prepared carefully in a bid to leave special impression on visitors.

The exploitation of cultural and traditional art values helped create unique tourism products to attract visitors, encouraged the participation of local people in developing tourism, improved their lives, and preserved traditional culture.